About Us

SOHA Company, was stablished on 2010, by the purpose of completing TOSAN group realms of activity. Electronic ticket, as the joint point of the ITS and Micropayment realms, was considered as the main activities of this company, at the beginning. After implementing the country’s greatest E-Ticket project in Tehran city, SOHA Company developed its products and solutions in the other realms of micropayment and intelligent transportation systems.

Electronic Wallet Solution: Cell Phone


With the advent of the two phenomenon, smart phone and NFC in recent years, new concepts has been found in the realms of E-Payment and E-Banking. Perhaps it is possible to say that, E-Wallet concept has been innovated and altered more than the other realms of E-payment. In this way, cell phones are able to play the rolls of E-wallet perfectly and simulate the traditional smart cards (E-wallet: card). SOHA has presented its solution as an Android App for NFC-enabled Android phones and also, has provided a complementary hardware for non-NFC-enabled cellphones.

Electronic Wallet Solution: Card


Using magnetic card is the usual solution for payment. This way, the card just takes roll as an Identifier. So, the balance and transaction is not being recorded on it. Balance and purchase transaction is being done online and being held at the center. This kind of transaction is not suitable, because of slow performance, obligation to online access which causes little payments cost high, area points without online access and the places where the transaction speed is very important( for instance Urban Public Transportation System). Electronic Wallet is able to implement micro-payment transaction in an offline, rapid and completely safe way, according to the smart card technology.

Electronic Ticket Comprehensive Solution

sol1Electronic Ticket Comprehensive Solution is usually known as AFC which stands for Automatic Fare Collection System. This system is formed by different parts which totally undertake the tasks and rolls of acceptance in transportation system, charge, issuance, accounting and settlement. SOHA Company, implemented the Electronic Ticket System (AFC) parts and components, integratedly or partially in the cities and different projects, during its several years of activity, and now have the authority of the Electronic Ticket Comprehensive Solution.

Mobile Traffic Violation Record Solution

sol2Recent years, multiple systems have been manufactured and launched to record different kinds of traffic violations automatically. In a case that, most of these equipment were used specially for specific kinds of violation. A considerable part of these equipment have to be installed in a fixed location and are just able to be used in the same place. Another part of them which are portable, need to be settled in a fixed location during operation. Mobile violation record systems have recently encountered fortune. These systems have specific capability, especially for recording the violations of parked vehicles by the roadside (Park-O-Meter and No Parking for example). Mobile violation record system of SOHA has been designed and manufactured by experienced R&D engineering team of SOHA Company.



Ez-TAXI solution of SOHA has considered the different needs of taxi drivers, taxi vehicles, taxi passengers and the fleet of taxis to provide them all with efficient methods. Ez-taxi solution has been presented in two classes of Trip-base and Line-base which are generally able to response the needs of any kinds of linear, free destination, telephonic, airport and etc., taxis in small and big cities.

Some capabilities of ez-TAXI Solution of SOHA:

  • Calculating the taxi fare (taxi meter) and issuing receipt
  • Paying the fare with e-ticket (urban bus and metro joint cards)
  • Fare payment with bank card
  • Finding the closest taxi for passengers
  • Possibility of attracting and specializing the passengers for taxis
  • Finding the best direction
  • Improving the safety level of the taxi
  • Playing the advertisements electronically
  • Possibility of analyzing the driver’s driving method and alarming for violations and dangerous driving
  • Taking photographs from inside and outside of the taxi if necessary and send them



Many needs for necessary and routine payments could be met simply in a short time with E-Money, independent of cards or any other interfaces. The powerful infrastructure of SOHA’s E-money solution, provides multiple capabilities in the realms of different payment methods, accounting, account settlement, individuals and accounts management and etc., for users and beneficiaries. Tehran Citizenship Account Management System and payment system of Tehran Daily Traffic District Ticket Sales which started from the beginning of the year 1394 (Solar year) is a sample of E-money system implemented by SOHA Co.

Some capabilities of the E-Money system of SOHA:

  • Possibility of communicating with different kinds of interfaces, for instance: USSD, SMS, Mobile App, WEB and etc.
  • Possibility of managing profile by users
  • Different methods of single and group payments and repayments
  • Ability of amount repayments to the bank account or by voucher
  • Possibility of doing regular bank actions such as calculating benefit, fees and invoices
  • Presenting account information for instance balance, transactions, account summary, fees log and the rest details
  • User management features such as defining individuals and groups, removing and blocking them, defining any kind of data fields for users, sending messages and etc.
  • Ability of categorizing users and presenting different features for each group
  • Possibility of defining products, purchase and sale and presenting invoice and sales accounting for commercial users
  • Analytical and reporting features
  • Full panel of system configuration