Event 1 :
Sale of daily traffic via Mobile
Tehran Municipality in partnership with SOHA, along development of electronic services, made selling daily traffic through the mobile phone possible.
That’s why in places where cards sold last year were living forces leaflet only use this system on their citizens. These are only in role of guide and don’t have any access to purchase traffic. Therefore, citizens are requested not to pay any money to these people or any other and also don’t let them know their card number or second passcode. This sale system does it work via mobile USSD code so it is completely free. For that, need call to *137*3*1# via any type of cell phone and in continue choose your traffic type. In the next step you must send two right side digits of number plate that are below the word “iran”. And in the next step send the two left-side digits before middle letter. Now you should enter the equivalent number of letter or sign of your number plate according the following guide. (These numbers are according to the place of letters in Persian alphabet)

الف: ۱
ب: ۲
ت: ۴
ج: ۶
د: ۱۰
س: ۱۵
ص: ۱۷
ط: ۱۹
ع: ۲۱
ق: ۲۴
ل: ۲۷
م: ۲۸
ن: ۲۹
و: ۳۰
ه: ۳۱
ی: ۳۲
wheelchair: ۳۳


Now send the remaining three digits of number plate. After entering the number plate information, go to payment stage and enter your bank card number. Now a message will appear on your screen that includes plate number and type of traffic. In this step enter your password and confirm it. If the payment operation complete successfully, daily traffic tracking code appears and also a message containing traffic information and tracking code via number 13700000 will send to your phone.

Event 2 :
Soha partnership with Saman Electronic Payment an Fanava card for charging Tehran electronic ticket shop POS terminals
Tehran ticket charge service on some Saman Electronic Payment and Fanava Card store POS terminals was launched. This service that is only available on
Along the development of citizen electronic services, setting up of this service at Pardakht Novin Arian store POSs will be soon available.